When Do The Clocks Change?

The clocks change twice a year for all residents of the world whose countries or territories observe daylight savings time. The times and dates of the changes vary from country to country and in when the clocks go forward in the northern hemisphere the clocks go back in the southern hemisphere and vice versa.

Below are the dates and times of the next changes for the United Kingdom and The USA. If you would like to see when the clocks go back and forward in other regions of the world click here.

Answering the age old question:
When do the clocks change?

United Kingdom (UK)

The clocks go FORWARD On:
30 March 2014
01:00 GMT becoming 02:00 BST
The clocks go BACK On:
26 October 2014
02:00 BST becoming 01:00 GMT

Click Here for detailed information about when the clocks change in the UK.

Year Clocks go Forward Clocks go Back
2012 25 March 28 October
2013 31 March 27 October
2014 30 March 26 October
2015 29 March 25 October
2016 27 March 30 October
2017 26 March 29 October
2018 25 March 28 October
2019 31 March 27 October

In the UK there is only 1 time zone meaning that during Winter (between October and March) we are on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and in the Summer (between March and October) we are on British Summer Time (BST).

GMT is the line from which all other countries in the world take time and you may often see time displayed as UTC which is known as ‘Universal Time Coordinated’. When used in this format GMT is considered UTC +0 and BST it considered UTC +1.

What is UTC? Find Out More Here.

United States of America (USA)

The clocks went FORWARD on:
9 March 2014
02:00 becoming 03:00 Local Time
The clocks go BACK on:
2 November 2014
02:00 becoming 01:00 Local Time

Click Here for detailed information about when the clocks change in the USA.

Year Clocks go Forward Clocks go Back
2012 11 March 4 November
2013 10 March 3 November
2014 9 March 2 November
2015 8 March 1 November
2016 13 March 6 November
2017 12 March 5 November
2018 11 March 4 November
2019 10 March 3 November