North America, USA & Canada

The clocks go have now gone back in the US and Canada until 2015

When Do The Clocks Go Back?

The clocks change twice a year for all residents of the USA and Canada, by one hour each time, once going backwards and once going forwards.

In the USA, Canada & North America the clocks go back on the first Sunday in November every year.

Scroll Down for the dates and times of future changes.

When Do The Clocks Change?

The Clocks Go Back

1st Nov 2015

Sunday 1 November 2015 at 02:00 LOCAL (becoming 01:00 LOCAL)

Dates Of Future Changes

Below are the dates of future changes. Of course we don’t expect you to remember, so sign up for the free email reminder or you can follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

TIME Clocks always go back at
02:00 LOCAL becoming 01:00 LOCAL.
You gain an hours sleep.
Clocks always got forward at
02:00 LOCAL becoming 03:00 LOCAL.
You lose an hours sleep.
2013: Sunday, 3 November Sunday, 10 March
2014: Sunday, 2 November Sunday, 9 March
2015: Sunday, 1 November Sunday, 8 March
2016: Sunday, 6 November Sunday, 13 March
2017: Sunday, 5 November Sunday, 12 March
2018: Sunday, 4 November Sunday, 11 March
2019: Sunday, 3 November Sunday, 10 March
2020: Sunday, 1 November Sunday, 8 March